The Transformational Toolbox


from the Latin transformare  which means to “change the shape or form of”…

That’s what makes us extraordinary, right?  Our ability to continually change and reshape who we are in order to bring the very best of what we have to offer out into the world


A place to hold all sorts of useful things that can help you transform your mind, your attitude and your future!

When Shannon Speaks … People Listen

“How confident are you when it comes to putting a price on the solution you offer?”

CLICK HERE to listen as Shannon shares with us great, actionable insights to help you switch off that critical, judgmental voice inside of you so you can go to a place of wonder and curiosity that will open up new possibilities you think you could only imagine.



“4 Key Strategies to Owning Your True Self Worth So You Can Blow Your Business Open & Become Wildly Successful!”

CLICK HERE to download this free report on the 4 key things you must have in order to really stand in your power and create a successful business.



Numerology Chart – CLICK HERE to access your free chart.

Numerology is the ancient study of the divine relationship between a number and coinciding events or periods of time.  As mathematics is the external (physical) study of numbers, numerology is the internal (metaphysical) study of numbers.  A great way to get more information on who you are and the influences in your life!

Animal Spirits Oracle – CLICK HERE to access your free chart.

The natural world is always available to us for information and guidance.  Check out the Animal Spirits Oracle page to get answers to questions about what is influencing your day to day life, your relationships, the coming year and a whole host of other options!



Download these great recordings from wonderful thought leaders on important topics.

Angeles Arrien Ph.D – How The Practice of Gratitude Can Impact Earning

Angeles Arrien, Ph.D. is a cultural anthropologist, award-winning author, educator, and consultant to many organizations and businesses. She researched, created, and synthesized the Four-Fold Way Program, which is currently used in medical, academic and corporate environments; and her Four-Fold Way book has been translated into over ten languages around the world.

CLICK HERE to download recording

Tim and Kris Hallbom – How To Harness The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind And Create A Wealthy Life

Tim Hallbom and Kris Hallbom, creators of the WealthyMind™ Program, have trained in over 20 countries and successfully run a thriving business, all while getting paid to travel the world!  They’re also co-authors of the books, Your Mind Power and Innovations in NLP for Challenging Times. They have spent thousands of hours training and coaching people on how to create the life they want.

CLICK HERE to download recording

Lissa Boles – The Purposeful Profitability of Being Wyrd!

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Lissa Boles is an internationally renowned coach & consulting astrologer, Web TV personality, and consumer marketing specialist.  She is also the CEO of SoulFullFilled Living, a group of companies dedicated to helping international change agents, thought leaders and purposeful entrepreneurs answer their life’s deepest callings through business while restoring the soul of business itself.

>CLICK HERE to download recording
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