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Shannon is magic – only do this if you are ready to unleash your own magic!cara-cordoni

Cara Cordoni



Thank you again for the amazing guidance you provided a few years back in regards to my professional path. As of last week I am a Registered Nurse and beginning my nurse practitioner program in a few weeks.

Without your support, I may not have had the courage to follow my path!

Sending much gratitude and blessings your way!
~Rebecca Eliaser Liskin

Shannon, I want to thank you for your recent session with me. I loved how you coached me through and beyond my story and the limitations it held for me.

I felt as if you helped birth the new me AND my work. I felt refreshed, unhindered by my past and emboldened to keep stepping forward into my chosen future, into my steady stream of power and ability. Your help let me transition from DIS-abled to EN-abled and fully embrace myself as I am without the weight of the past.

Now that is an accomplishment! I am soooo grateful. Thank you!

Annie Bachelder, Psychic


Kevin-02-2013-11-6-6Shannon, your presence, warmth and extraordinary personality have been a constant inspiration for me.

I have many moments of clarity and epiphany that I owe to your laser-like insight and seemingly endless care. You had the audacity to point out blocks I refused to acknowledge, that I have been able to overcome because of that. You have my deepest respect.

Kevin van der Hout

Susan MayginnesThank you Shannon! You have been one of the bright shining stars for me. I so appreciate your elegant presence and your enormous capability for facilitation. It has made a difference in my life.

Susan Mayginnes

00a222d (1)Our work together the last nine months has been nothing short of transformational. I came to you because I was “stuck” – figuratively and literally. I had an income goal in mind that I really wanted to achieve. I found though, I had somehow created my own “glass ceiling” and was unable to get past this certain dollar amount.

Fast forward to today and I’ve blown past that dollar amount and am happily making more money than I’ve ever made in my life.

More importantly, though, is how you helped me to connect to my true beliefs – that money isn’t actually what drives me…freedom is! I feel more grace, more grounded, and am focused on that freedom I crave. Every decision now is put through the litmus test: will this give me more freedom or less freedom? If the answer is “more freedom” then I consciously move forward with grounded enthusiasm and energy.

Thank you, Shannon, for your ability and help getting me out of my head and into my heart. For your patience and your guidance. And most of all, for teaching me to approach everything with curiosity and light heart. You are a blessing and gift to me.

Angela Mattson

0c6bc78Shannon and I live on opposite sides of the world. After following Shannon’s work for a year I finally raised the courage to say yes to an “untangled” session.
In that thirty minutes Shannon created a gentle and safe place for me to untangle. With her 100% attention, Shannon listened and skilfully crafted questions for me to ponder; powerful questions that shone a laser light on what I needed to focus on and move me out of a rut.

What needed untangling was the story I have about creating more money. In such a short time Shannon guided me to gently shape shift my thinking; to realign the tangled threads into a clear pattern, not a messy knot.

I now feel I can weave a new piece into the fabric of my life. It’s hard to believe that in such a short space of time so much can shift. That’s the art of Shannon’s work, and yes it felt like artistry. You know when you see great art, it stays with you, and keeps speaking to you.

Thank you Shannon for your generosity of heart, your clarity and being you! You work magic.

In gratitude.

Liz Hammond

093138fI just had an “Untangled” session with Shannon. It’s amazing to try to write just after this session and what feels like some reorganization of the foundation I have built my life upon. Some pieces that were once strong in context have grown shaky with time, and in focusing on one short phrase I hadn’t noticed I’d used 3 times in our session, Shannon took me from a key sabotaging belief I hadn’t been fully conscious of, to a powerful truth that is replacing it as I write. And from a self-protective strategy to a self-empowering one that will serve me in my calling, my business and across all areas of my life.have held me back from my greatest expression.

Reggie Odom,
Consciousness CEO of Reggie Odom & Company

0d88580As a small business owner, I have a new concept that is ready for prime time but I was bogged down, too much in my head and feeling the pressure of getting it up and running now. Shannon listened deeply and with several playful processes was able to restore the fun, adventure and magic of my new venture in an hour. Shannon is extraordinarily gifted in sparking my creative imagination to bring this new concept to life. Did I mention it was super fun?!

Marie Guthrie,
Executive Leader, Career & Consciousness Consultant

Wendy_LynnShannon is a brilliant coach. I was in the process of launching a brand new business and she gave me the confidence and clarity I needed to have my business come out of the gate with 6 Private Platinum clients.

If success is one of your goals you will want Shannon on your team. In our last session Shannon’s laser abilities enabled me to quickly identify an extremely counterproductive mind set and then snap out of it in 12 minutes. Seriously – I timed her. I highly recommend her coaching service to all entrepreneurs like me that need a strong visionary to help them stay on track to achieve the business and life of their dreams.

Thank you Shannon – you are truly amazing!

Wendy Lynn
www. getvisiblevirtually.com

02a94dfWorking with Shannon has opened up so many possibilities for me!

Before our work together, I had been struggling to create income as a new coach. I’d have a good month followed by extended dry spells, which I see now were created by my own limiting beliefs and fears. Shannon was able to help me uncover these blocks and teach me transformative strategies to move through and gently release them. After just two sessions I had my best month ever, creating over $5000 in new income, AND feeling totally worthy of receiving it! And, in one brief but powerful follow-up conversation with Shannon, I discovered incredible new insights and tools that literally gave me goosebumps, and which I have no doubt will enable me to be of great service to my clients. I am no longer afraid of receiving money for my gifts, and have learned how to manage the money I earn more effectively, and reward myself in the process!

Shannon is truly gifted at eliciting deeply-held limiting thought patterns that you don’t even realize are there, and understanding exactly how to best guide you through them based on your own particular personality characteristics. Throughout our time together, I felt completely held, understood, and supported. Her wisdom and compassion are unprecedented, and the results continue to unfold in my life and business as time goes on. My self worth is forever transformed!

Michelle Leath, Age 44
Food Psychology & Life Coach

Shannon – Just a shout-out after our recent session because I just had to share some awesome results with you!

You know I’m a bit unusual in that I actually LOVE enrollment conversations. But because this new program is sooo close to my heart, I was getting in my own way, big time. I was completely slipping out of my power when talking to potential clients and letting my “stuff” take me out.

Well, you helped me make a HUGE shift. After your outstanding money breakthrough coaching, I filled my latest small group program. That’s $40,000 in business!

Best of all, each Goddess in this new program is an exact match – a perfect client for me. AND I did it in half the number of conversations I would have normally taken. (This was hugely important because I was on a real time crunch, as you know.)

I am soooo grateful! And, from one coach to another, I continue to be in AWE of your incredible skill as a coach. Truly, you are on my “go to” list for beliefs-busting from here on out.

Appreciating you!

bright blessings and big LOVE
Elizabeth Purvis

Shannon, you were a beacon of light during my darkest hours over the past 6 months. Your coaching always pulled me up and out of my ‘stuff’ and moved me forward in ways that I couldn’t have done on my own, and you did so with such ease and grace. You so beautifully held the space for me when I couldn’t hold it for myself, and for that I am very grateful. Being in a mentoring program can feel very overwhelming at times, yet you helped me see what was relevant to me every step of the way. Because of you, I can now see my worth and honour it. Best of all, the Playful with a Purpose Reading reminded me that I had forgotten how to play and have fun, and infused my program creation with more magic and sparkle than I can even describe to you. You are a true model for feminine power, strength, and success.

Blessings to you always,


After 13 successful years in multinational companies I chose to take a leap of faith and quit my job. Inspired by my passion and inner longing to fully live my purpose I started my business. I was on fire, eager to show other soul-centered entrepreneurs how to turn their passion into a thriving prosperous business.

After a few years building my business I found myself overwhelmed and overworked. The fun part of the business gradually slipped away, and I was focusing my energy on online marketing strategies, launch plans, new client activities, list building and admin “must do’s” – leaving me tired and frustrated. I felt stuck and sad not knowing what to do to regain my passion and spark.

The session with Shannon was truly transformational – and energizing. I was really curious to see how the three things I picked would connect back to my business. The process was really cool, fun and totally different from everything else I have done. Through Shannon’s skillful and warm-hearted coaching I was able to reconnect to my inner passion. In a powerful way she helped me see how important it was for me, and my business, to reclaim and trust my own authentic voice.

Thank you Shannon, for helping me to get the energy and vibrancy back in my business. Now I allow myself to be more playful, trust my inner knowing and to fully stand in my power creating a stronger more vibrant business. By doing so I am able to be of better service to my amazing clients and to help them make their marketing come alive!

Ingunn Aursnes, Oslo, Norway

Working with Shannon on my “Money Breakthroughs” took me down a path I had kept locked up in my unconscious mind since early childhood. Clearing old beliefs and negative programming around this event and other fears helped me align with my New Self reality. Shannon’s compassion, intuition, generous spirit, along with her skillful coaching has helped me release energy around low self-worth and revitalize my money energy! Thanks, Shannon for your genuine support and love!

Joanne Gruttner, M.Ed – Ottawa, Ontario Canada
POTENTIA Advantage

Wow Shannon!You’ve really given me some deep and poignant insight into how to move through a very ‘stuck’ point in my business/life so I can make a breakthrough to that next level which I know is just waiting for me to arrive! I learned more in our short session than I have in 8 hour workshops on the topic, so thanks. I look forward to continued work with you to process the shifts I need to make, to uncover some deeper meaning in what I do and help get that out of my brain and into reality. It’s nice to know there’s someone I really trust with a capacity to bring intuitive exploration, new ideas and processes, and experience digging into the archetypes of my being so I can make that knowledge work for me, my business – and especially for my clients. We all need perspective from a coach who has so very much to teach, and while I do that for my clients, it’s so very impossible to do this for myself. Thanks for your guidance. I’ve already learned so much in just our first session!

Sincerely, Allison Bliss
Allison Bliss Consulting

For anyone curious about the CREATIVE side of this program, Shannon will definitely show you the way to ignite your creative spark into a bonfire! I can personally attest to the incredible accuracy and enlightenment her work brings – even the “quick” reading Shannon gave me ( over the phone, yet) gave me a brand new insight into how I trip myself up, where my most fulfilling gifts really lie, and why I go into my least resourceful side when I am not accessing those gifts. Shannon even nailed the exact details of HOW I do this!The best part, though, was the BULLS-EYE Shannon scored when she gave me the roadmap OUT – how to BEST access my gifts, what gifts I MUST express ( or die inside), and what I specifically need to do on a daily basis to keep that creative flow …flowing. Not a bunch of fluff , but real life, livable, useful, powerful, insights and action steps that were completely accurate. I went from being unable to speak, due to the lump ( of recognition) in my throat to laughing with joy. It was like seeing the fog lift on a door of possibility , but she gave me much more than that – it was also like having someone point out the key you’ve had in your pocket all along, and then show you how to use it to open the door, too!If anyone has any questions about the power and impact of the transformative work Shannon can guide you through, please, please, please ask me!”

Dawn Menard

I experienced my reading with Shannon to be insightful, intuitive and impactful. Shannon’s manner was assured and what she said as she read each card was powerful, and gave me a loving, but firm, kick in the pants to step more fully into myself, in a way that I have previously been keeping more in the back ground. The reading has stayed with me and put me on the path of action. Wonderful on every level!

Kailash Sozzani

I came to Shannon for a reading to give me clarity and strength as I move forward into a challenging period of change in my life. She created a feeling of power and excitement for me around my major arcana cards. Shannon used the challenge cards to shine a light on the areas in me that needed to cared for, respected and worked on in order to move forward in my full power. I finished the session feeling excited and clear about the
things that I needed to implement. Exactly what I came to her for!

Saskia Fraser

Thank you, Shannon, for sharing your gift of a reading paired with very insightful questions and advice. I was able to gain some much-needed clarity on a block so that I could clear it once and for all. You gently invited me to step into a safe and quiet place where I could reach deeper for answers. The best way to describe this profound experience is that I felt I was able to hear my soul speaking to me. I am forever changed as you have shown me how to quickly get to that intuitive part of me that is waiting to provide guidance.With love and gratitude,

Lisa Fraser
Lisa J Fraser Business Coaching

Shannon helped me get clarity on pricing strategies for my packages as well as my week long and three day Spa for the Soul experience. Her very gentle yet clear and grounded approach enabled me to clearly identify the value of what I offer – her style really works for me. Thank you so very much, Shannon!”All the Love, All the Time…


I’m not entirely sure the exact words Shannon spoke, yet within a short conversation, the piece to take my business to the next step fell into place. If you are looking for clarity from the soul, call Shannon. Don’t think about it, just do it.

Domenica Papalia


1834cd9Dear Shannon, We just hung up from our session and I have to THANK YOU for that amazing shift! When we started, I was all up in my head with worry and anxiety and the right side of my body hurt. Now I’m laughing and feeling so much JOY! My heart center is open and my body is relaxed. Thank you for that visualization. I’ll add that to my morning meditation so I can recreate that playful, joyful resonance! OK, I gotta go do that journaling exercise now!Thanks so much for your powerful work! I’m still surprised at how much you give in so short a time!

Melody LeBaron