What Would Be Possible If You Told A Different Story?

Do you have a dream, a desire, something extraordinary you want to create?  It may be a new business, new product, or a new way of living.  Are you making solid progress and gaining traction towards making that dream come true?  If you’re not, the reason why is probably not what you think.

The key to successfully creating what you desire is found in being able to clearly identify the deep stories operating in your life: The Challenge Story, The Dream Story, and The Yeah, but… Story. However, unless you are committed to uncovering the origins of those “Yeah, but’s,” that’s where your story will end.

Shannon shows audiences how to take what seems impossible and make it inevitable by introducing them to The Unexpected Story, the outcome that’s so big it doesn’t seem possible, until it is. 

This arresting, unusual, visually stunning presentation leaves audiences inspired and educated on how to clear the way for their own Unexpected Story to come true.


“I had the pleasure of recently experiencing Shannon’s presentation of The Unexpected Story.  During the gift box visualization exercise, I was profoundly inspired with a million dollar idea which is now being considered for sponsorship by a billion dollar corporation. Needless to say, Shannon’s work is magical!”

Julie Gordon White, CEO of The WELL for Women Entrepreneurs

Thank you so much for doing an awesome job on stage at this year’s Bonfire Heights conference. Everyone was just blown away by your Unexpected Story presentation!

Lynda Nguyen, Vice President, BonfireHeights.com





You give yourself away. You discount your services. You don’t ask for the raise. You sabotage yourself with issues related to money and self-worth. NO MORE.

In this engaging talk, Shannon Presson describes how we get all tangled up around our money issues, pushing money away with our beliefs and habits.

If you are ready to break through to your next income level, if you are tired of watching others soar ahead with their success and income, while you feel stuck in the same old place, this talk will uplift,inspire and point you in the direction of your own success and own worth.

Shannon Presson is the real deal! Authentic, humorous, realistic, practical, insightful. The realization that I grew up believing that not being financially secure was “our lot in life” was worth attending the Lunchtime Lesson today!

L. Jay, WORK Petaluma

Your presentation was great!  I found it inspiring and useful.  Your authenticity and wisdom really came through…

Linda Kral, KralAssociates.com

Thank you, again, for the talk you gave  at the Oakland Chamber of Commerce.  Your use of visualization and stories was very effective. You kept me on the edge of my seat.

Ronald White, LegalShieldAssociate.com


Leadership Lessons from the Herd

Strong leadership skills are crucial to the success of any organization.  But it’s not only what you say but how you “show up” that makes the difference between being effective or ineffective.   With horses, it’s not the biggest horse that leads.  Or the pushiest.  Horses are social creatures whose survival depends on trust, communication and cooperation within the herd – all qualities that can mean the difference between motivating your team or shutting them down.  Learn what horses can teach us about how to truly “show up” as leaders and how to maximize our effectiveness for engagement and collaboration.

 Your presentation was very well-received. In addition to my own appreciation, I keep hearing from others at the meeting who were energized and inspired and found new ways to work with their own issues.  On behalf of the ICR and the IABC, many many thanks for your fine work.

Merry Selk, SelkCommunications.com

Partial List of Previous Speaking Engagements

* Small Business Forum Radio
* Small Business Empowerment Conference
* St Mary’s College – Leadership Conference
* Maui Small Business Week Conference 2015
* O’ahu Small Business Week Conference 2015
* IEEE – 2014 Women in Leadership Conference/San Francicso
* National Association of Women Business Owners – SFBA Chapter
* International Association of Business Communicators – SF Chapter
* Independent Communicators Roundtable
* Oakland Chamber of Commerce
* Bonfire Heights 2014 Conference
* Successful Thinkers Network
* Rotary Club International
* WORK Petaluma
* FEM Talks
* Lean In – Palo Alto Chapter
* The Bright Side of Life Community
* WOW – Women of Wisdom
* American Business Women’s Network
* Women of Influence Conference
* Color Consultants International
* Horse Dream/EAHAE International Conference
* Empowerment Conference
* Women of Influence Small Business Conference


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