HorseDream® – The Corporate Approach

Are you searching for activities that will take your TEAMS and LEADERS to the next level?

The HorseDream® approach provides a dynamic process of building self-awareness and leadership skills through human – horse interactions. When leaders and managers effectively embody these skills, it creates a direct impact on your company’s bottom line.

Conflict resolution, interpersonal communication, and successful engagement among team members are crucial in today’s marketplace. Interacting with horses helps people to identify and change the behavior patterns that stop them from having and maintaining trusting relationships in business settings.

Why Horses?

Leadership lessons from the herd

Horses serve as wise mentors. Their “flight” instincts act as a means of non-judgmental feedback for individuals. Horses respond to people’s intentions, as thoughts and emotions are typically subconsciously conveyed through body language. When participants observe a horse’s response to their directions and requests, they learn how to better communicate with others. They also learn to  become more congruent with their actions and how to manage their emotions better.

Through one-on-one interactions with horses and an observation of herd dynamics, participants learn new ways to build relationships. People get an incredible confidence boost from learning how to connect with, engage and direct a 1,000 pound animal.

Attendees learn to:


  • Build trust in teams and relationships
  • Develop skills to work through emotionally charged situations
  • Expand productivity and cohesiveness within partnerships and teams
  • Experience breakthroughs that increase the depth of Emotional Intelligence
  • Face fears and learn new behaviors to gain respect and personal power
  • Make choices based on courage and awareness verses automatic, learned responses
  • Move from conflict into resolution more quickly

What if someone uncomfortable with or afraid of working with horses?


It is not unusual for lots of our participants to have some fear or anxiety when it comes to working with horses. But no prior horse experience is necessary for this program as safety measures are meticulously reviewed before each session. We also make sure that attendees understand the nature of horses, and how to remain safe while working with them.


How is this going to help my bottom line?

The HorseDream® approach will improve your organization’s bottom line as it will lead to more work getting done in less time. Your teams will become more cohesive in their actions and will start displaying mutual support. This creates the potential for excellence.

Why Shannon?


Shannon Presson brings twenty one years of management experience to her leadership work with horses. She is an ICF certified coach with a focus on Equine Experiential Learning as well as a Master Practitioner/Trainer in the field of Neuro-Lingusitic Programing.

Using her high-level coaching skills and imagination, Shannon has been able to take her clients from felling frustrated and stuck to feeling much more empowered and aligned with their mission and purpose.

Shannon is a leader in the field of bringing horses and humans together for leadership and coaching.  In addition to running her current business as a belief change expert, Shannon also serves on the board of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) San Francisco Bay Area chapter as chapter President.


What is the next step?

Email her at to set up a time to talk about how the HorseDream® approach can provide you and your team a powerful way to develop new leadership and relationship building skills.