Leadership Lessons From The Herd

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Leadership Lessons From The Herd


Ever wonder how others perceive your leadership skills?

Horses inspire us, open our hearts and enliven our souls.  They’re symbols of power, beauty, grace – and above all, freedom. Horses are also social creatures whose survival depends on trust, communication and cooperation.

Exactly how we would like our own leadership to be perceived, right?

Except sometimes,  we opt to put on the “Happy Face” rather than express how hurt or angry or bored we are.  Or we force ourselves to act confident when inside we’re a jumble of confusion.  We’re afraid to act authentically, because, well… “what would people think?”   That disconnect between what we feel and how we act causes all sorts of breakdowns – in both our business and personal relationships.

What makes horses such great teachers and coaches in the area of leadership is that these intelligent, sensitive creatures have an amazing capacity to reflect back our true emotions, in the moment we are feeling them.  They become silent witnesses, reflecting our ineffective habits and patterns while generously offering opportunities to reframe any limiting perspectives or beliefs.  Unlike us, they don’t know how to pretend to be something that they’re not.100_0188 border

Partnering with a horse opens the door for our highest capacity for integrity, self-trust, renewed confidence, authentic presence, leadership and self-care.

Working with these 1000 lb animals invites acute awareness of boundaries- yours and theirs. It demands skill in interpreting body language. Effectively interacting with horses encourages obtaining permission to lead and demonstrating a willingness to follow.

(Want more info on the relationship between horses and leadership?  CLICK HERE to listen to the Leadership Lessons from the Herd podcast interview with Steve Caldwell and Shannon Presson.)

Such a relationship demands courage as well as vulnerability.

A day with horses is always a good thing. This horse day became even more powerful because of the trust, intimacy and learning I got from working with Charlie Blue Eyes and from watching my fellow participants.   ~ ~ D. Doyle

Most importantly, horses require clear communication. Engaging with the horses moves these powerful, concepts off the page and out of your head. It anchors them into your entire being and changes your perception of powerful leadership and engagement forever.

 On the Line, Meeting the HerdWorking with Shannon and Alyssa and the horses provided an astounding insight regarding where I give up myself, my power and where I loose ground in creating my most joyous and abundant light. The subtly of the horse and the coaching created such a clear and nuanced understanding, one that I had been searching for in decades of therapy but were never before revealed to me. I feel like I am starting a newer, more focused and clearer life, one with me in the saddle.  ~~ A. Duncan

Some of the powerful insights available through Equine Guided Learning:

• Learn to stay centered around goals and ambitions
• Let go of old stories and perspectives that block energy and purpose
• Re-frame and integrate new beliefs that support vitality
• Regain self-esteem and self-confidence
• Practice setting boundaries
• Explore practices for staying “right here” and “right now”
• Develop and honor the authentic self
• Nourish creativity and change
• Trust intuitive knowing.
• Improve communication skills (verbal and non-verbal)
• Deepen trust and respect for self and others


If you know that mastering these skills is the next step in your own personal and professional development, then we invite you to come spend the day with us.  Our herd of master equine guides together with experienced, skilled and certified human facilitators provides a safe and supportive learning environment.

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For more information, contact Shannon Presson at 510-482-4451 or email: shannon@shannonpresson.com

* All activities with the horses are presented on the ground, and does not include horseback riding. There is no previous riding/equestrian experience required to attend or participate.










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