Dogs, Cats, Gas Tanks and Love

dog and catThere are not a lot of things that I am certain about.

For example, I really don’t know why dogs eat things that smell disgusting and then want to come close and share their breath with you.

Or how cats know the exact moment to jump on your keyboard and cause all your hard work to disappear down the rabbit hole of lost data.

I certainly don’t truly understand why, if we get to choose the time, place and experience of our existence before we are born, that we would willingly choose what seem to show up for us sometimes.

But the one thing I do believe is that Love is at the foundation of all that we are.

I believe it is what we come from and it is where we will return to when this moment of our existence ceases to be.  I can’t prove it.  I don’t have any personal memory of myself before I was born and I’ve never had a “near death” experience unless you consider the dog breathing on me after he ate something rotted and gross.

But we all have to believe something so this is what I choose.  I choose to believe that not only is Love the foundation of all things, but that it starts with our selves.

As women, we come into this world hardwired for care giving.  We give to everyone and everything until we are burnt out and exhausted. It’s crazy.

Imagine driving around town with a laundry list of errands to get done.  Occasionally, you check the fuel gauge to make sure the car doesn’t run out of gas.  Why?  Because we all know that an empty tank STOPS the car.  There is no negotiation, no reprieve, no maybe.  No fuel – no go. 

And yet, woman try to run on empty all the time – and This. Needs. To. Stop.

You are not being selfish when you take the time to for yourself. You are being prudent and wise.

I believe that Love is what we are made of, it’s what we came from and it’s what we will return to. Love is unlimited and without end so let’s not be stingy with it.

Especially with ourselves.

There’s plenty of Love available, so go ahead – spread it around, share it with everyone, but most important, lavish on yourself.  Do what it takes to renew, refresh and regenerate YOU.

Then, once your own tank is full, you’ll be able to go back and have the resources and the energy to finish your errands,  handle the dog breath and prevent the cat from destroying your great American novel…

Expect Good Things!


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