Is this you?

success or failureYou’re smart, passionate and determined.

You’re here to make a difference, do something important and make an impact for others and the world.

Yet, the more you “do”, the less success you have.

Or maybe things work for a bit but then they don’t. You keep looking “outside” yourself for the “thing” that will turn it all around.   But It never feels like it’s enough. Or worse, perhaps it’s you who isn’t enough?

Then again…maybe on the outside, your success is the envy of everyone else but inside you just feel overwhelmed, burnt out and lost.  You’re afraid that if people really knew the truth, they’d know what a fake you are. So you try harder, work harder, do more and get less and less of what you really want.

Freedom. Security. Peace. Love.

Are you ready for something different?

sadIf you aren’t where you want to be, doing more and more of what you’ve been doing isn’t going to get you where you want to go.

Not until you step back from what’s going on “outside” and turn your attention to what’s going on “inside”. Because that’s where the dragons, the saboteurs and gatekeepers hang out; calling the shots and keeping you overwhelmed, frustrated and stuck.  “Inside” is where all the habits, thoughts ideas, beliefs and fears that we haven’t faced or that we’re not even aware of are dictating our actions and our responses.

What’s interesting is that inside of you are also many allies – magicians, heroes, and power animals (just to name a few) as well as your deepest truest self  – patiently waiting for you to finally notice them and ask for their help. They speak to you through your gut and your heart, but so often, their guidance is misunderstood or ignored.

You see, unfortunately, only the loudest voices get heard (guess who those belong to?!?).   It takes expert guidance to get things sorted out, so you can get unstuck, out of overwhelm and back on track, doing what you love to do.

That’s where powerful coaching can help.

Coaching puts the spotlight on what it is you want to create – your goals, your dreams, your desires.  It focuses on where you are in this moment and then what it would look like if things were exactly the way you wanted it to be.  From there, coaching can help you get deep clarity about what needs to happen in order for you to move forward so that where you wind up is where you wanted to go.

Working together, I’ll help you get clear on your desired outcome.  From there, we’ll begin to discern whether what you are saying and doing is in alignment with what you want.  Of course, a big part of the journey is your 100% commitment and willingness to take actions that in the beginning might feel uncomfortable.  The power of having a coach is that you will have a trusted partner to hold you accountable so you stay on track towards your goals while making sure you stay true to your highest values.

In working with you, I’ll gently help you set aside your logical, linear “doing” mind, reconnect with your feelings and engage your powerful imagination in a playful way that creates core transformations rather than just painfully poking at the problem with a sharp stick.

Plus, rather than just giving you the “answers”, I’ll teach you how to recognize “competing commitments” (the things you’ve committed to on the outside that compete with decisions you might not even know you’ve made),  access your inherent wisdom, and eliminate the self-sabotage that’s been getting in your way.  For good.

You’ll come away with important new strategies for creating what you want and getting where you want to go with ease, grace and joy.

If you are ready for that kind of outcome, here’s how to get started…


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You’ll tell me the story of where you’re at. By listening with laser focus and asking some powerful questions I’ll be able to identify and share with you what’s at the core of where you’re stuck (that’s my superpower!)

I’ll describe some of the ways we can tackle the problem together and if it feels like a good fit for both of us, you’ll quickly be on your way to getting unstuck and back on track. In a lot less time and a lot less angst than you ever thought possible.

It’s that simple!


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