Are You Ready to Bloom?



Spring is here! It’s been a long slog through the winter months and for some of you, the evidence of spring might still be more of a promise than an actual fact, but still…

The snow is melting, the reservoirs are filling (a good thing here in the drought affected West!) and nature is beginning to awaken from her slumber by pushing little green shoots up from the soil.

Spring holds the promise of bringing forth all that we planted in the fall and dreamed about in the dark of winter.  Spring is the moment when new life appears and the cycle begins again and what’s true in nature is also true for you.

For example, what did you “plant” in the fall or dream about in the dark winter months that’s now ready to grow?

Getting things to flourish in your life is a lot like growing things in the garden.  The quality and quantity of what is produced has an awful lot to do with the kind of preparation that’s been done.  If we want beautiful flowers and abundant fruits and vegetables, it isn’t enough to stick a seed in the ground and hope for the best.

We need to tend the soil by making sure there is adequate nutrition for the plants; checking for bugs and diseases; pulling weeds and removing competing plants so we don’t inadvertently encourage and support what we don’t want versus what we do.

The cool thing is that what works in nature is exactly how it works in our personal and professional lives.  For example, do you…

Landscape architect design garden planHave a plan?  Successful businesses and nourishing relationships, like beautiful gardens, don’t just happen.  Having a detailed vision of what you are trying to manifest is crucial to your success.  To have a garden that’s lush and appealing means that even before you put a single seed into the ground, you have to have at least a general idea of what you want to grow.  The same is true in other areas of your life.

So often, I see clients who are frustrated because of what they perceive as a lack of success and yet, when I ask them to fully describe what success looks like for them, their images are vague and hazy.  That’s where vision boards and journaling can be helpful to help you focus and articulate what it is you truly want to create.

Next, have you eliminated clutter?  
How much of what takes up space in your life is actually useful?  A garden that still has last year’s leaves and detritus molding over the ground will not be as fruitful as ground that is freshly composted and fertilized. Trees and bushes that have never been cared for will not produce nearly as much as those that have been shaped and pruned.  It’s the same with you.  Creating success requires the energy to focus. If we feel overwhelmed or bogged down, or everything around us is cluttered and disorganized, the energy we need will be dissipated and weak.

Cluttered Garden ShedClutter can take many forms.  For many of us, a major form of clutter are the old stories and limiting beliefs we carry around inside of us.  Many of them are completely outdated, but we’ve told them for so long, they’ve become habit.

Do you want to increase your income this year?  If so, have you examined your personal “money story” to make sure that it’s supporting your wishes?  Stories and beliefs like “making money is hard” or “money is evil” or “people who have money are selfish and greedy” might be a story handed down from your family or ancestors.  If it is, it’s going to compete with your desire to make more money and possibly sabotage your best efforts to be prosperous.

Or perhaps you need to examine your environment.  What about the people you hang out with?  Do they want to create the same level of success that you do?  Or do they tease you about your “dreams” and make you feel bad when you don’t want to just hang out because you need to work on your book or attend an important networking event.

It’s been said that you are a reflection of the 5 people you hang out with most.  Look around you.  Are those 5 people doing things that inspire and motivate you or are they holding you back with their own fears and limiting beliefs?

Eliminating clutter (in all its many disguises) is a powerful step that can feel very challenging to conquer.  Enlisting the help of a coach can make a big difference in whether you get back on track or stay overwhelmed and bogged down.

And finally – do what matters MOST!

We don’t have unlimited time, space or resources, as much as we’d like to believe otherwise.  Everything is energy and everything takes energy.  If you want to create anything extraordinary, be it a garden or profitable work that you’re passionate about, you need to focus (and do!) what’s most important.

In The One Thing, The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results, Gary Keller talks about the myth that “Everything Matters Equally”.  “Equality is a lie”, he says. “When everything feels urgent and important, everything seems equal.  We become active and busy, but this doesn’t actually move us any closer to success…”

We need to decide what is most important to us…and then commit to doing that at the exclusion of all the other things that are vying for our attention.  We need to be ruthless with our time, our energy and our resources because if we aren’t, our hopes and dreams will simply drain away like water from a leaking can.

Flower Garden
So! Make this the most abundant year of your life by making a plan, eliminating clutter and then, focus every day on doing the one thing that will produce the most bang for your buck.

If you’re stuck, or need some guidance and clarity on the one thing YOU need to focus on, CLICK HERE to schedule a complimentary Strategy Session.  We’ll explore what needs to happen for you to bloom, and if it’s a good fit, how we might work together to create an explosion of abundance in your life or business.



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