A Thanksgiving Wish for Home

Thanksgiving is almost here!

In thinking about it and what it means to me, I found myself remembering a wonderful independent film I saw recently called Unbranded.

It’s a documentary about four guys who take a string of recently trained wild mustangs on a 3000 mile journey from the border of Mexico to Canada across the great American West.The film was inspired by a deep desire these guys had to get back to nature and challenge themselves as well as bring attention to the issues facing wild mustangs in this world of shrinking open space.

The journey begins as they prepare to start their trek through the Arizona desert and I was completely engrossed in the film from the moment the first frame appeared on-screen.

Through Arizona, across the red rocks of Utah and then over the border into Idaho. As the majestic front range of the Rockies rose up in front of the riders,  I suddenly felt my whole body shift.   My shoulders dropped, my breathing slowed and my energy field expanded in a way  it never does in everyday city life.  I knew this place.

A small still voice inside me whispered, “welcome home”.

How about you?  Where is home for you?

Not just the place where you park your car or store your stuff, but the deep, expansive place of belonging?  The place where you’re grounded?  Where you feel loved and secure?

For me, that place is in the mountains, in nature.  California is where I need to be right now to do my work in the world, but Idaho is home. I’m so blessed to be able to live there part time because it’s where I feel most at peace.

Does your “home” feel like this?

I hope it does.  If it doesn’t, what are you willing to allow, change or release  in order for things to shift?Being “home” isn’t always about location, of course.  When you love yourself to the core; when you believe in yourself and know that who you are, as you are, is exactly perfect,  well then…you ARE home, regardless of your position on the planet.

So that’s my Thanksgiving wish.  That where ever  “home” is for you this Thanksgiving, it’s filled with peace, love and belonging.

Expect good things!

p.s.  CLICK HERE for more information about the movie UNBRANDED (it’s awesome!)
 © 2015 Shannon Presson
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