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You’re brilliant, creative and ready to make your dreams come true.Or maybe just figure out what they are. Let's get started!

Live workshops to empower you and help you change the old outdated stories and beliefs holding you back.

Shannon’s charismatic storytelling combined with practical wisdom will energize and inspire your audience.

pink flamingo

What’s Your Pink Flamingo?

  Donald Featherstone, creator of the iconic pink plastic flamingo

dog and cat

Dogs, Cats, Gas Tanks and Love

There are not a lot of things that I am certain about. For example, I

pie slices

If Your Life Was a Pie, How Would You Slice It?

Who doesn’t love pie, right? Wonderful holiday pies, pies with berry

What’s Your Hero Potential?

What’s Your Hero Potential?

Ever wish you had a super power? X-ray vision, perhaps? Or the ability to

scary pumpkin

What Scares You?

Happy Halloween! On this day of spooky and scary, here’s a question for

sad pug2

Does Everyone Know More Than You?

Are you sort of down in the dumps because you’re sure that everyone else,

People header

What’s Your Story?

A while back, a friend I’ll call Bonnie and I attended one of those award


Healing the Not Good Enough Story

Her dream is always the same.  In it, she’s lush, pregnant and ready to


The Three Sirens of Sabotage

In classical mythology, the Sirens were portrayed as Sea Nymphs, part woman

time outline

Living Without Pants

I have a ritual I do during the winter solstice in December where I spend

Leaky pipe

Have you forgotten what YOU are brilliant at?

I have a friend who's an excellent mechanic.  He is brilliant at fixing

Falls-In-Love-All (1)

Who loves you the best?

Look in the mirror... Read out loud... Really mean it. xxoo,