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You’re brilliant, creative and ready to rock the business and life of your dreams. But darn it, it’s not happening!

Live workshops and in-person trainings to help you identify and change the unconscious stories and limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Shannon’s charismatic storytelling combined with practical wisdom will energize and inspire your audience.

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What’s Your Story?

A while back, a friend I’ll call Bonnie and I attended one of those award ceremonies where people vote to recognize the top business women with over


Healing the Not Good Enough Story

Her dream is always the same.  In it, she’s lush, pregnant and ready to give birth to the child she’s been carrying and nurturing for nine long


The Three Sirens of Sabotage

In classical mythology, the Sirens were portrayed as Sea Nymphs, part woman and part bird, who with their seductive voices and their singing, lured

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Living Without Pants

I have a ritual I do during the winter solstice in December where I spend some time dreaming in the dark about how I would like the upcoming year to

Leaky pipe

Have you forgotten what YOU are brilliant at?

I have a friend who's an excellent mechanic.  He is brilliant at fixing anything with an engine.  One day while he was over for dinner, my garbage

Falls-In-Love-All (1)

Who loves you the best?

Look in the mirror... Read out loud... Really mean it. xxoo,

Saddle Up!

Are you ready for a wild ride?

  Gung Hay Fat Choy! Welcome to the Year of the Wood Horse.   Are you ready for a wild ride? Because if you are, 2014’s gonna’ be your


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Is there a single celebration in the world that isn’t improved by the arrival of cupcakes?!?! To me, these little treats are a special brand of magic.


The gift of self

While every season holds its own unique blessing, there is something about December that calls to my heart from a really deep place. My wonderful


Your Pathway To Success – Circle or Corn Maze?

  I saw this graphic posted on social media one day as part of a message about how to create success in business.  The idea being that to

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Great Use For A Time Machine

Imagine you’ve come upon a fantastic time machine that would allow you to go back in time and meet up with your younger self. Can you picture her,

Out of order

The Myth of Ease and Grace

There’s a lot of talk these days about building your business with "ease and grace." The phrase brings to mind an effortless flow, free from anxiety